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My Story 

My name is Ryan Sinderbrand, and I attend Westlake High school. During the pandemic, I truly found my passion. I started to watch the news often as so much was occurring. Eventually, I read a tragic story about contaminated tap water in Newark. I was shocked that people in the community were getting seriously ill due to drinking polluted water. After learning about this, I knew something had to be done about this serious issue. A few days later, I watched the movie Erin Brockovich and learned what she did for Hinkley, California. The people who lived there were getting extremely sick as a result of contaminated tap water. I decided to educate myself on sustainability through a course offered by Columbia University. I also enrolled in a business class at Moorpark College to learn about environmental sustainability from an economic perspective. Continuing my quest, I enrolled in AP Environmental Science in junior year. These courses amplified my understanding of the tap water crisis in our country, and I felt compelled to find solutions for families in need.

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