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The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

After doing lots of research and creating many articles, I finally found the perfect solution for my goals. I discovered that Reverse Osmosis is the most effective process when it comes to purifying water. In this process, water is pressurized through a membrane filter to remove atom-sized contaminants down to almost undetectable amounts. 

A 4-stage reverse osmosis water purification system will remove virtually all of the contaminants from dirty water. 

In stage one, the water passes through a mechanical filter that removes larger particles like sediments, rust and cloudiness from water.

Stage two is the activated carbon pre-filter that removes more than 99% of chlorine and chloramines.

In stage three, the reverse osmosis membrane filters out dangerous chemicals and contaminants including lead, chromium 6, fluoride, radium, uranium and living organisms such as bacteria and parasites.

And finally, in stage four, an activated carbon filter removes toxic organic chemicals including pesticides, fertilizer, and rocket fuel. Stage four is also where many unregulated contaminants like PFA's and drug residue are removed.

Water filtered or treated by Reverse Osmosis is pure, clean, and healthy. It is currently the only technology that can remove most of the emerging contaminants (i.e., prescription drugs and perchlorate) including other contaminants  (i.e., Arsenic, Cyanide, and Fluoride) that are difficult to remove by other treatment methods. Some consumers have voiced concerns that Reverse Osmosis water may not be healthy because it removes even essential minerals. However, in 2009 the World Health Organization stated that consumers should not be concerned about this, and in 2011 the Water Quality Association pointed out that the human body obtains the vast majority of minerals from food or supplements, not from drinking water.

By, Ryan Sinderbrand


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AquaTru Countertop Water Filter Purification System with 4 - Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology

After discovering that a 4-stage reverse osmosis water purification system is the best option for my mission, I needed to find a product that I could use. I did a lot of research in order to find a sustainable and effective product that would be the perfect solution, and I found AquaTru.

Many people think they are being protected by pitcher and refrigerator filters. However, the vast majority of these filters are only designed to make your water taste better, but not necessarily safer. In fact, they remove only simple chemicals like chlorine, but may leave behind a toxic chemical concoction for you to drink.

This led me to research exactly what technology is available to remove virtually all contaminants found in tap water. The answer was simple: Reverse Osmosis. This is the same gold standard technology that is used by all of the major bottled water companies and, until recently, was only available to consumers as an under the sink system which can be expensive and require professional installation and ongoing maintenance.

With all of that said, I was absolutely blown away when I learned about AquaTru - a system recommended by top doctors, health influencers and even Erin Brockovich!

AquaTru is the first and only countertop 4-stage reverse osmosis water purifier that is certified to create bottled quality water from tap water - no plumbing or installation is required!

The product is certified to NSF standards (an important 3rd party testing protocol) to remove the most dangerous chemicals found in tap water, including lead, chromium 6, chlorine and chloramine, fluoride, pesticides and fertilizer, PFOA and PFOS.

The unit works right out of the box, takes less than 3 minutes to set up and includes filters that last for 6 months and 2 years. It can purify 1 gallon of tap water in about 12 minutes and the unit is completely mobile for traveling. When the filters need to be changed, AquaTru lets you know through its display panel.

For these reasons, I partnered with AquaTru in order to complete the second part of my mission.

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Ryan putting an AquaTru in a resident's car

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