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On January 15, 2021, a clean water event was held at the Oasis Mobile Home Park in the city of Thermal, California.  This is a migrant farming community with a long history of arsenic contamination in its tap water.  

Clean Water Connections was able to secure a large donation of countertop reverse osmosis water purifiers from AquaTru to be donated to the park. We were able to distribute the purifiers with the assistance of Water Drop LA, a non-profit organization dedicated to help people access clean water.

The event was a huge success.  The families were very appreciative and the event received great publicity from the Desert Sun and Telemundo.  Even Erin Brockovich became aware of the event and posted about it to her 900,000 Facebook followers.

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Event Highlights


Ryan demonstrating how to use AquaTru to the farm working volunteers who received units.


A lady and her kid with their new AquaTru unit on her cart.


Members of Water Drop LA unloading AquaTru units from their trucks.


Ryan carrying an AquaTru unit and placing it in a car of an Oasis Mobile Home resident.

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